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Rhapis Palm, commonly referred to as the Lady Palm, are a hardy dense, clustering palm that grow about 1 foot per year. Rhapis Palm are one of the best plants to improve indoor air quality, which has been shown to increase employee productivity in the workplace! Additionally, Rhapis Palm can also be successfully used in outdoor landscaping, creating a beautiful and instant hedge.

LIGHT LEVELS: Rhapis can tolerate low light environments but do best in medium to bright indirect lighting. Acceptable light levels range from 25 to 60 foot candles / 270 to 650 lux.

TEMPERATURE: Rhapis are cold tolerant palms, able to withstand multiple days in frost conditions at 32°F / 0°C. However, Rhapis prefer to be in temperatures ranging from 50 to 80°F / 10° to 27°C.

WATER: Rhapis palms require regular watering, and the media should always remain moist. Rhapis will tolerate being placed in standing water, such as a saucer.

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Kentia Palm are the most elegant palms available and have been popular since the Victorian Era. Even Queen Victoria kept Kentias within her palaces and castles. While Kohala Nursery’s Kentia Palm are acclimated for interior use, with conditioning, our Kentia Palm can also be wonderful landscape plants!

LIGHT LEVELS: Indoors, Kentia are very adaptable, requiring very little light yet able to thrive in bright indirect settings. The best light levels range from 25 to 60 foot candles / 270 to 650 lux. When properly acclimated for landscape use, Kentia Palm can tolerate full sun.

TEMPERATURE: Kentia will tolerate temperatures as low as 50°F / 10°C but thrive in 60 to 85°F / 15° to 30°C environments. Cold damage may occur in frost conditions.

WATER: Kentia Palm need regular watering but require excellent water drainage and root aeration. Plant media should not be overly wet. Kentia do not like being in standing water and cannot be placed in water saucers.

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Fishtail Palm are clustering and suckering palms that have bipinnate leaves that look like fishtails. These palms are perfect for bright interior environments as well as landscape applications, where they can reach heights up to 25 feet tall.

LIGHT LEVELS: Fishtail Palm are best in medium to bright indirect light environments. Acceptable light levels range from 30 to 75 foot candles / 325 to 800 lux.

TEMPERATURE: Fishtail Palm like warm, subtropical or tropical climates, but can take short bursts of cold as low as 45°F / 7°C. Fishtail prefer to be in temperatures ranging from 60 to 85°F / 15° to 30°C.

WATER: Fishtail Palm need moderate watering. Water until the media is thoroughly moist, then allow the top layer of media to partially dry out before watering again. Fishtail Palm should not sit in standing water.

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Kohala Nursery is excited to introduce the Pinanga Kohala™, a beautifully uniform and perfectly upright palm that is new to commercial cultivation! Pinanga Kohala™ are also self-cleaning palms, shedding their fronds easily for very little maintenance!

LIGHT LEVELS: In indoor environments, Pinanga Kohala™ can adapt to low light levels but prefer medium to bright indirect lighting. The best light levels range from 25 to 75 foot candles / 270 to 800 lux. In humid subtropical and tropical climates, Pinanga Kohala™ will thrive in landscape installations.

TEMPERATURE: Pinanga Kohala™ like warm, subtropical or tropical climates and are not very cold tolerant. Pinanga Kohala™ prefer to be in temperatures ranging from 60 to 85°F / 15° to 30°C.

WATER: Pinanga Kohala™ must be watered frequently and are best in self-watering containers with high moisture-absorbing media. The plant media should always remain moist.